Configuring Custom Name Servers

In order to get your personal Name Server records you should create at least one DNS primary zone. You will need to ensure that MS DNS role is installed on your server ( before proceeding with below steps.

In "DNS" snap-in right-click "Forward Lookup Zones" node and select "New Zone...". With the help of wizard create a new primary zone "":

Create two "NS1" and "NS2" "A" records pointing to two different/same IP addresses.

Right click "" node and select "Properties". Click "Name Servers" tab and add references to the created name servers "" and "".

Switch to "Start of Authority (SOA)" tab and change SOA record settings:

Serial number should be in the format of "YYYYMMDDNN" where YYYY - current year, MM - current month, DD - current day and NN - this number should start with 01 each new day and be incremented by 1 each time you change DNS zone.

Primary server is the name of the "NS1" Name Server created on the previous step.

Specify responsible person value which is an e-mail of the person that can be contacted in case of any questions regarding current DNS zone.

Change time settings as shown on the picture above.

Click "OK" to save your changes and close the dialog.

Add other zone records:

- Five "A" records " "(blank), "*", "ftp", "mail", "www" with the corresponding IP addresses.

- One MX record pointing to "" with "10" priority.

- One TXT record with "v=spf1 a mx -all" which is so-called "SPF" record.

The complete zone should look like on the picture below:

Once above steps are performed, you will need to contact your registrar and "Register your nameservers" with IP addresses and thereafter use these nameservers for pointing DNS of domain names to your server.

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