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Email forwarding policy

Email forwarding to the following service providers will no longer be permitted for domains that reside on both of our Windows and Linux shared/reseller hosting services.

effective since 1 July 2008
- aol.com
- comcast.net
- att.net
- msn.com
- hotmail.com

effective from 1st Jun 2009
- yahoo.com
- gmail.com
- rocketmail.com

Online Group:
- Yahoo! Group (yahoogroups.com)
- Google Group (googlegroups.com)

In order to ensure deliverability of email sent by our customers to accounts at the above noted domains, we are forced to block all email forwarding to these domains. Presently, all of these domains have extremely stringent anti-spam filtering policies in place. If one of our customers configures their email account hosted with us to forward to their personal mailbox with one of the noted service providers and the service provider detects that message as spam, they believe that we are the source of the spam. As a result, our mail server gets blacklisted, even though we are not responsible for this spam.

Unfortunately, even though we are not responsible for this spam, these service providers noted have repeatedly been blacklisting our mail servers, causing legitimate email to be blocked. If you have forwarders configured to one of the above service providers, please remove the forwarding and convert them to POP3 accounts.

Also, please note that this decision only impacts forwarders. You will still be able to send email to the above noted service providers. In fact, this change will actually make mail delivery to these service providers more reliable, since they will not be repeatedly blacklisting our servers.

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