Email Retention Policy

Email Retention Policy for HostBreak Hosting Resellers - Effective: 04/11/2016

To better maintain optimal file system operations on our mail servers, HostBreak Hosting will be initiating a mail server message retention policy change within the next week (Effective: 04/11/2016). As a part of this policy change our mail servers will be configured to automatically remove messages from the server that are older than 120 days (4 months) old.

If you are currently storing mail on the mail server associated with your hosted domain, and have message present in any of your accounts that are older than 4 months old - please begin the process of saving these messages to your local system for archival purposes. If you do not have any messages present on the server that are older than 4 months old, but you do engage in the practice of allowing messages to remain on the server - please take note of this policy change should you later have messages present on the server approaching 4 months in age.

We are taking this action to free disk space occupied by older messages. Doing so also has the more important benefit of allowing disk defragmentation operations to complete in a shorter amount of time, while using less server resources, as well as, allowing backup operations to complete in less time - freeing server resources for mail operations. This action is also needed to remove messages from the server that were created by older versions of the mail server software and may have slightly different file formats, thereby making future upgrades go more smoothly for all users.

How do I Download Emails?

You can download emails to your PC and store forever. To download emails, install Microsoft Outlook and follow this knowledgebase article to configure it. Once configured emails will begin to download on your PC therefore staying safe and stored as long you wish.

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