How do I set my default webpage (virtual host template) - Plesk 9

This article applies on resellers using Plesk 9.5

You can set your control panel to automatically include specific files and directories into Web spaces created for newly hosted Web sites. This can be a set of useful scripts,custom error messages, a placeholder index.html page, or any other files of your choice. These files can then be replaced, edited or removed on a per-site basis.

To set up the control panel so as to automatically include your Web content into Web spaces:

  1. On your local file system, create the required directories: httpdocs, httpsdocs, cgi-bin, anon_ftp, error_docs.
  2. Place the files you need into the directories you have created: Place Web pages into httpdocs and httpsdocs directories, scripts to cgibin directory, and custom error messages to error_docs directory.
  3. Pack the directories and files into an archive file in tgz, tar, tar.gz, or zip format. Make sure that the directories are in the root of the archive file and not in a
  4. Log in to your Parallels Plesk Panel.
  5. On your Home page, click Virtual Host Template (in the Domains group).
  6. Click the Browse button to locate the archive file on your local computer, select the file, and click the Send File button.

To revert back to the original structure of Web server directories and files:

  1. On your Home page, click Virtual Host Template (in the Domains group).
  2. Click the Default button.

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