Unable to access Website, WHM, cPanel, Emails - Why my IP address is blocked?

Some of us face the issue that our website is not accessed by us but can be accessed by our friends & customers. This could mean that the local machine IP address is blocked by the server firewall. You will not be able to access your website, cPanel, FTP, or email.

The first question to follow is WHY?

Shared Servers are setup to protect themselves if they perceive a threat by blocking the IP.

An IP is blocked for 1-hour normally, after which it is automatically unblocked.

Here is a list of various possible reasons for an IP block……

• Unsuccessful login attempts: five (5) failed attempts within 300 seconds. They include
Failed cPanel login
Failed POP3/IMAP or webmail login
Failed FTP/SSH login
Failed web page login

• If there are 100+ simultaneous connections attempted from one IP
• Exceeded maximum number of simultaneous FTP connections.
• Several disconnects and reconnects in a short period of time may cause it
• IP is Temporary blocked for 10 minutes. After 3 Temporary blocks, IP is permanently blocked.
• Range of IP addresses may be manually blocked due to security reasons, in extreme situations.

There are few more reasons for IP address getting blocked in firewall .

================================================== ==========================
Wrong ssh login attempt.

(sshd) Failed SSH login from 192.168.XX.XX (CN/China/-): 5 in the last 300 secs'

================================================== ==========================
Wrong SMTP login attempt.

(smtpauth) Failed SMTP AUTH login from 192.168.XX.XX (US/United States/mail.domain.com): 5 in the last 300 secs' - Wed Oct 10 19:08:43 2012

================================================== ==========================
Mod_security Triggered.

(mod_security) mod_security triggered by 192.168.XX.XX (ZA/South Africa/-): 5 in the last 300 secs' - Fri Oct 12 22:41:01 2012

================================================== ==========================
Wrong POP3 login attempt.

(pop3d) Failed POP3 login from 192.168.XX.XX (US/United States/66-122-65-235.stat.domain.net): 10 in the last 300 secs' - Sun Oct 14 11:30:37 2012

================================================== ==========================
Wrong FTP Login attempt.

(ftpd) Failed FTP login from 192.168.XX.XX (US/United States/cpe-98-24-168-33.nyc.domain.com): 5 in the last 300 secs' - Sat Oct 20 22:53:01 2012

================================================== ==========================
*Port Scan not allowed *

Oct 16 04:03:38 server lfd[19786]: *Port Scan* detected from 192.168.XX.XX (RS/Serbia/-). 11 hits in the last 171 seconds - *Blocked in csf* for 3600 secs [PS_LIMIT]
================================================== ==========================

Please NOTE: To Un-block your IP, you will have to contact the Support department.

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