How to Create an Email Group in cPanel?

Email group allows you to send one email to multiple recipients in one go.

  1. Log in into your cPanel,

  2. Go to the email section and click on email accounts to create a group email address for example "[email protected]".

  3. Go back home and click on email filters under the email category. Select "[email protected]" and click on Manage Filters.

  4. Click on create a new filter.

  5. Type in a filter name, under rules section, choose To and Contains then type in your group email. e.g "[email protected]".

  6. At the "Actions" tab, please select "Redirect to Email" then add email addresses that you want to put into this group. You can add multiple email addresses by clicking on the + button. After you key in all the email address, please click on "Create".




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