What is my hourly mail limit?

All of our web hosting plans include the ability to send e-mails. Each of our services has different outbound e-mail limits.

Hourly e-mail limits:

Shared Hosting:

  • Personal hosting - 50 e-mails sending per hour limit
  • Standard hosting: 100 e-mails sending per hour limit
  • Business hosting:  250 e-mails sending per hour limit
  • Corporate hosting: 500 e-mails sending per hour limit

Reseller Hosting: 

  • Smarty reseller plan - 50 e-mails sending per hour per domain limit.
  • Starter reseller plan - 100 e-mails sending per hour per domain limit.
  • Standard reseller plan - 200 e-mails sending per hour per domain limit.
  • Fantasy reseller plan - 300 e-mails sending per hour per domain limit.

VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers: Our VPS & Dedicated server plans do not have an outbound e-mail limit.

Maximum Deferred Messages for Shared & Reseller Packages
The maximum percentage of a domain’s outgoing mail that can consist of failed or deferred messages are 25%. Once the domain exceeds this percentage, it is temporarily blocked from sending mail for 1-hour. 
For example, you sent 100 messages and 30 were deferred by receiving mail server. This will trigger temporary block on your domain's mailing capability. This safety measure ensures other customers are not impacted by someone's actions.

Please keep in mind we have a zero tolerance policy towards SPAM/UCE. All of your mailings need to be fully CANSPAM compliant. Accounts found to be sending spam will be disabled immediately for violating our TOS/AUP and may result in service termination.

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