PHP guide how to change max_execution_time value ?

In this article, you will find, how to change the max_execution_time for PHP scripts by using the max_execution_time directive in a php.inifile.

By default, the maximum execution time for PHP scripts is set to 30 seconds. If the script runs longer than 30 seconds, PHP stops  the script and reports an error. You can easily control how much PHP the script is allowed to run by changing the max_ecution_time directive in the php.ini file.

Steps to resolve this issue

Step no 1

Login to your cPanel account.

 Step  no 02

Go to Software > multiPHP INI editor, or you can simply search from search tab by typing multiPHP INI  editor.  

 Step  no 03

In Basic Mode select your specific domain from the drop-down list.

 Step  no 04

Now from the window enter your desired  max_ecution_time  value and click on  apply button to apply  changes.



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