Email Virus Protection System @ HostBreak

Free Virus Email Protection System @ HostBreak

"According to ICSA Labs, a division of TruSecure Corporation, over 80% of all computer viruses enter an enterprise via email systems." (Source: Sophos).

HostBreak is proud to provide protection from at least 192,833 viruses and Trojans:

Email virus scanning on all domains hosted by HostBreak

All incoming and outgoing email is actively scanned TWICE by independent anti virus engines for viruses and worms. If an email is found to be infected it is quarantined and deleted. Detected viruses are not delivered to recipients so local mail systems are protected and the risk of malicious email infection is greatly reduced if not eliminated.

This system works with all email no matter how it is accessed. We update our anti virus definition files every hour - that's 24 times a day, 168 times a week - to ensure maximum possible protection, we do ask that local anti virus measures are not relaxed as we cannot protect against viruses spread by other media such a floppy disks.

Note: Our system, like all others is not infallible. Viruses can still get through if a virus is very new and an anti virus update has not been made available to deal with it. Always exercise extreme caution especially when email contains an attachment.

It's part of the service

Virus scanning, detection and removal is a value added service available to all customers who have an email service with us. You don't need to do anything, it is set up automatically when we create your mail service.

Please note: HostBreak cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused by users system infected with a virus, however caused. Our systems are updated hourly thus ensuring that we are as up to date as possible. However, it takes time for anti virus developers to implement definition files when a new virus appears, so extreme caution should be exercised at all times. This is true for all anti virus software.


"I received a virus notification saying that a friend sent me a virus but my friend insists they're virus free."
They may well be correct. Modern viruses forge the senders email address in order to cause confusion and to hide their tracks.

"How often should I update by virus protection?"
The more often you update the better chance you stand of being able to defend yourself against viruses. We recommend updating daily. It's quite common to see several new viruses appear in a week sometime 3 or 4 in a single day.

It's also important to ensure your system is patched against vulnerabilities which many viruses exploit. Windows users please visit for update.

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