Configuring Outlook Emails On Secondary Drive

Purpose: The following article explains how to keep outlook email files in secondary drive. By default, outlook files are saved in C: drive which is usually the drive used by operating system. If the operating system crashes or is reinstalled, it may result in the loss of emails. It is, hence, recommended to keep the outlook files in drives other than the drive used for operating system. 

Applies To: New or exisitng pop accounts.


To move data files to other drive follow the given steps.

1- Make sure that the account is already configured to use POP, if not please follow the article in given link to create account:

2- Once the account is created, close the outlook. 

3- Locate your .PST file by going to %localappdata%\Microsoft\outlook or Documents\outlook files. If you are unable to locate files, go to outlook >> file >> account settings. You will find the outlook file path written below your configured email address. Find the path locaion:

4- Now close the outlook and go to the path of pst files. 

5- Copy your pst file to your desired location on another drive. 

6- Now open outlook, go to account settings. Click on your configured account and remove it. 

7- Now configure your account again, following the method given in the link:

8- While configuring account, on right you will find option Deliver New Messages To , choose option Existing Outlook Data File. 

9- Now browse to the path, where you saved your PST and select the PST file. 

10 - Now complete the account setup. Your outlook files will now be configured from your secondary drive.

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